At C&A, through e-commerce, we will focus on delivering happiness in a box.


Our first project is to launch the date night box. The date night box is an idea developed to help couples work on their relationships by providing a box with items that will allow them to have a pleasant time with each other. During these unprecedented times, couples have struggled with adjusting to this new way of life.  In order to help couples adjust to this “new normal” we have created a classy, elegant and fun box to do just that. 


Our ultimate goal is to remind you of the importance of relationships and dedicating time and energy to making it work. Through constant innovation, we will offer an easy way for couples or friends to enjoy a spicy, fun, or  romantic night in.


  • Honesty

    • Honesty is at the core of our brand. We want to build trust and loyalty with our customers. 

  • Innovation

    • We strive to be innovative to meet the needs of the times we are in while always keeping it classy.

  • Integrity 

    • Our compromise to work with ethics while serving special occasions.   

  • Simplicity

    • There is beauty in simplicity. Oftentimes the most simple things are the most beautiful ones. 

  • Uniqueness

    • With us, your gifting experience will be like no other.

our mission

To create innovative, classy and elegant boxes for every special moment. Amazing for you, inspiring for us.

our vision

The most classy yet stress-free and reliable box for every occasion.


Head Office

Chicago, IL

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